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XP Solutions, Central America

Web promotion Services
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XP Solutions Web Site Promotion

XP Solutions Online Marketing plans offering search engine marketing solutions to e-commerce and Web-based companies, helping site owners promote their businesses in the major search engines and directories.

"Drive higher quality traffic to your website!"

As there are billions of web pages in cyberspace competing for attention, it is crucial that your website has an edge over the competition. We offer a wide range of effective and affordable web site promotion services to help drive traffic to your site.

Would you like to save your own time by allowing us to promte your website core business to over 3oo Major Search Engines and Directories while you sit back and relax? Including Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, AllTheWeb, Overture, Netscape Search, Open Directory Project, Lycos, HotBot and AltaVista.

Would you like a team of web professionals to review and adjust your websites' gameplan to help maximize your website's position?

Our Professional Website Technicians can optimize your web pages so that they gain a prominent position in search engine search results for the most relevant keywords and phrases.

Did you know that over 85% of all website traffic comes from search engines? Use our advanced automated submission system to blast your site to over 300 top search engines and directories!

Search engines provide highly targeted pre-qualified visitors to your web site. These visitors have made a conscious decision to search for your chosen keywords and have selected your link based on the message you supply in the site description.

XP Solutions is your solution in San Juan del Sur with web site promotions by using our large databse intergation of permission-based scalable email lists and marketable solution. *

Unless your site appears on the first or second page of search results from the major search engines, your chances of getting visitors from them are very slim. Search engine optimization is the most important--and most misunderstood--aspect of website promotion.

Services and focus
monthly service fee USD
Green Lite
Submit every two months, optimize meta tags, and key words.
Plan includes page ranking consulting.
$ 50

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Site submission to all major search engines regularly and to promoted to up to 1000 email addresses monthly.Includes basic XP Solution' marketing programs.
This plan also includes optimization of meta tags and key words.
$ 100

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GOLD Premium
The ultimate in dedicate web promotions, monitoring of traffic results and e-mail campaigns.
This plan is the "Total" care program. Marketing, optimizing and maximum promotions by using our large databse intergation of permission-based scalable email lists and marketable solution. Over 10,000 highly targeted pre-qualified visitors to your web site.
$ 150

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*XP Solutions doe not subscribe to "Spamming" or similiar techniques in our campaigns.