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XP Solutions, Central America

Gold Plan Services

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The Gold Plan is $150 monthly*

Optimize your business. Increase success.

Your site will need professionals to help market and promote your e-business. Why? Because how many visitors to San Juan del Sur know about your business? How many competitors are in your line of services or products? How many web sites are there to compete against to get the limited market? XP Solutions has many of these questions licked and we are ready to provide a valued service.

A baseline reading of your current position in the search engine results will be reported and closely monitored each month. Subsequent hand-submissions and resubmissions to 300 search engines and directories will be based on the suggested submission frequency of each search engine, as well as on your position in the results.

The Gold Plan is the complete service to help you make money!

What the Gold Plan does for your business, what we analyze in terms of data.

1. General set of parameters consists of such parameters as Google PR (Google PageRank of current page),

2. Google Index (Number of indexed pages. Google version),

3. Google link (Number of links, pointed to the current page.

4. Google version (Except links from concerned domain)), similar parameters for many other search engines (Yahoo, MNS, Yandex, Rambler, Baidu) and some other miscellaneous parameters.

XP Solution Web Promote - Internet Marketing Services

Customized electronic marketing campaigns to over 10,000 permission based, interested potential clients. And more...

1. Add/edit your own listings, images, virtual tours and more.

2. XP Solutions has built in search engine optimization techniques to help ensure potential clients can find your site.

3. Visitors to your site can signup can be tracked and get email notifications when new properties are added that match their search criteria.

4 .XP Solutions can determine who is receiving and reading sent emails, a plus for any marketing program. An effective client lists, reduced effort and increased sales.

Analyzes where your site is at compared to the top 10 in Google, Yahoo and MSN for targeted phrases, and gives recommendations on how to improve your own rank based on what your site already has. XP Solutions Team includes a full time web master for your needs.

* Our Monthly Marketing Program requires an initial 6 month agreement, which includes meta tags and optimization in the first month. Each month thereafter we provide hand submissions to top directories and search engines, manual strategic linking, manual checking of ranking to Google, MSN and Yahoo and traffic reports. When your initial 6 Month Marketing Program is complete you can bring it in-house, or continue monthly with XP Solutions for as long as you like with no more agreements needed. No matter who continues to market your site it's vital that ongoing marketing be performed to keep your top ranking in Google, MSN and Yahoo. The total care package!