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XP Soltions

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Web Pages/Networks/Computer Solutions Consultants


    Welcome to the best web design /computer service in Boquete,Panama! We serve your computer needs with the old fashion service levels you've enjoyed back home.



    XP Solutions is the affordable solution to your computer problems.Need a new web site to advertise your services, restaurant,or hotel? XP Solutions offer affordable web site development and implementation.Web design and professional Web masters for all your business needs. A side by side design approach.


  Our company offers technical support for the small as well as corporate network platforms.Servicing all small office and home networking requirements.


   Need one on one tutoring for you or other the family members? Your company require bi-lingual training or private lessons for the staff? XP Solutions offers a huge library of Computer, Programming and general subjects of computer usage, see our products page. We offer computer service plans, support and training needs.


  Our troubleshooters keep your systems running and operating so you can connect to your business base.We specialize in friendly and professional onsite (at your location) services.


  We help business and home computer users choose, implement, and maintain the right computer and technology solutions.


                                 Our Services

   Our customers have a particular set of needs and desires of which 

XP Solutions is uniquely qualified to satisfy.


We offer:


    * Hardware Setup and Support

    * Independent Advice and Consulting

    * Internet and Email setup and assistance

    * Networking, small office& home

    * Regular cleaning and maintenance plans

    * Software Setup and Troubleshooting

    * Custom Website design & Web site Development

    * Training, private lessons

    * PDF's manuals

    * and much, much more ...


Our Library





For web site service

Web Site Design, Delvelopment
Customized Web Sites for YOUR needs.
Website Design to complete e-commerce websites allowing you to sell products online.


Email or call for a free quote

Email: panbobbie@gmail.com

Telephone: (507-720-3018)